About Us

Welcome to Half Past Three

Our Story-

Often awake with her newborn in the 3 o'clock hour of the night, Half Past Three founder and creative director, Missy Carroll, longed for those vibrant, exotic vacations that seemed to be turning into fleeting memories of life before kids. She dreamed of summer days where the only question of the day was 'beach or pool?' She dreamed of walks on a quiet beach at sunset. She dreamed of wearing beautiful swim suits accessorized with perfect coverups that would fit her post-baby body.  Fast forward 10 years and two babies later, she's made her middle of the night dreams a reality by launching her first collection of kimono style tops. 

Our Mission-

To celebrate the beauty of every day by living in gorgeous, breezy garments that help you feel your absolute best.

Our Founder-

Missy Carroll, our creative genius behind it all, is funny! Not in a funny joke kind of way, but in a dropping-one-liners-all-day kind of way. She's the kind of girl that should be the first person on your guest list to an 80's costume party and you can guarantee she would be the last person to leave. Her humorous descriptions on the product pages are just a sample of her wit. She's also the type of girl to give you the last $10 in her wallet if you forgot your lunch, or the first person to volunteer to bring homemade banana bread if your pet fish died. She loves her family and she loves the beach.  She's also all about intuition. "The universe kept nudging me to create something beautiful that could be enjoyed on the beach. Rosé was already invented, so I started crafting these kimono tops that I'd wear over my swim suits. Everyone loved them, so I took a leap of faith and started my own line." 

Values Are Important-

Every garment is hand crafted in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Our Head Tailor, Debbie Barsz, knows the importance of creating things with love and attention. "As each garment is crafted, we really imagine the person who will wear it. Our creations are a labor of complete love."

We Give Back-

A portion of all proceeds goes to women helping women. Some of the agencies we support are Together Rising, To Write Love On Her Arms, and WomenForWomen.