Aren't bathing suits just weird? Not the actual bathing suit, but the idea of a bathing suit is just completely bizarre. To anyone you see while at the pool or beach--your friends, your neighbors, the people you're on the church committee with, your kid's school teacher, the homecoming queen you haven't seen since 1998--you're basically broadcasting "Hey, this is what I look like in my bra and underwear!" "Wanna see what's going on under my clothes?" "Look at all this uncovered skin!" 

I've found that our kimonos come in handy when I'm in a bathing suit trying to apply sunscreen to a restless toddler, when covering up my burrito baby (It's that curve that your belly gets after eating, that makes people wonder 'is that a baby or a burrito?'), or when I need just a little cover up when walking from beach to bar back to beach back to bar back to beach back to bar-ok, you get the point. It's so nice to be able to grab something cute and stylish to throw on as an extra layer when I'm not wanting to prance around in my skivvies. However, after all the trips from beach to bar, let's be honest, I usually do feel a bit freer. What can I say? Tequila has always made me take my clothes off. Sorry, Mom and Dad. You're welcome, hubby.

I hope you find that this extra layer serves you in both coverage and style! A favorite for me is the Maggie Palm print kimono. It comes in both blue and pink. I do love a good pop of pink! It's fun and flirty, skims the thigh, and is a cute and easy way to stand out from the crowd in a way that doesn't involve tequila!




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