In the words of Jay-Z, allow me to re-introduce myself. I'm Missy Carroll, founder and creative director at Half Past Three (HP3). I started this company based on the ideas and inspirations I used to have when I was awake feeding my daughter at what seemed to be 3:30 am every morning. I would always found myself looking at the clock at half past three. That hour typically felt dark, lonely, cold and I often felt isolated, as if she and I were the only people on Earth awake at that hour. Instead of living in that darkness and loneliness, I allowed myself to change the channel in my brain - to switch my mindset. Instead of feeling isolated and dreading that middle of the night feed, I allowed myself to sit contently, knowing I was providing a beautiful thing for my daughter physically, and let my imagination run wild. Often in the middle of the day among the busyness of life, we're unable to allow our brains to turn off the noise. I started to use that half past three hour to let my imagination run wild with all the possibilities of who I could be, what I could do, which things I could create, where I could find fulfillment. And here we are.

What started as a company that made swimsuit coverups, quickly turned into a brand that made swimsuit coverups and kimono tops and and robes sarongs and Mom+Me collections, and hair accessories and scarves. It's been fun and magical, well not every day, but I consider our first 7 months a success because I was able to feel joy and fulfillment and what better way to measure success than through pure joy?!

With that said, we have some new and exciting products (a tunic style coverup that cinches closed) and some other things up our (very fashionable) sleeves. New collaborations and partnerships are waiting at the helm. It's going to be a great year!

If you're unfamiliar with our HP3 Wonderings that I post every Friday afternoon at 3:30, please follow us on social media (@halfpastthreeclothing) to see updates and behind the scenes footage and to have access to secret sales. Make sure you check out our Insta stories for a look behind the curtains as I show you a more personal approach to what's happening with our brand.



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