Press Release

Most nights you could find her awake and nursing her newborn in that lonely, dark 3 o'clock hour. When Founder and Creative Director, Missy Carroll, thinks back to those middle of the night feedings, she recalls, "I was tired, running on empty, but somehow also magically creative during those wee hours of the morning. I remember nursing Maggie and simultaneously dreaming of books to write, inventions that I could create, my own clothing line. Maybe it was the exhausted dream-like state that made it seem like all my ideas were magical and remarkable. But the clothing line dream never went away. I dreamed about vibrant fabric colors, beautiful caftans that I would wear on exotic vacations, the perfect outfit coupled with the stillness of a sunset stroll. I knew I had to do something with the clothing line idea."

It wasn't until the mom of two found herself chasing her toddlers around the beach and pool, that she realized exactly what she needed. "A cover up that still showed my opportunity to accessorize the swimsuit that I had spent hours shopping for," Carroll says with her bright blue eyes twinkling. After all, with a changing, mid-30s body, motherhood or not, we can all agree that swimsuit shopping is often tear ridden, wine induced, and money draining. "Finding a swim suit that fits and that you feel good in," Carroll laments, "is damn near impossible. When you finally find one, it's like a unicorn sighting. Why in the world, would I want to hide it with a cheap coverup that doesn't match or that isn't flattering?" Carroll goes on, "Yes, I'm a mom but I still had the desire to be stylish and put together, but handling kids all day made that exceedingly difficult." That's when Carroll realized there was a need for a swim suit coverup that still showed that cute swim suit AND added a little coverage, too. 

"Call it poolside accessorizing, feeling put together, whatever you will. I needed a product, I couldn't find any that I liked, so I made my own." Every where she went, Florida, Turks & Caicos, Kiawah, SC women wanted to know where in the world did she find that cover up. "The universe kept nudging me," Carroll remembers.

Fast forward a few years later, Carroll is ready to launch her e-commerce store, and is ready to make her vibrant, lingering dream a stylish, chic reality.

"Believe me, no one looks good with a terrycloth beach towel tied around their waist. Well, maybe Giselle, but it doesn't do much for the rest of us."